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A Cheat Sheet Guide for Teaching English in Asia

Admin - Sep 02 2016

What is it like to be a teacher in Asia? How do you become a respectable, reputable and high end quality teacher? You still have doubts about the coolest paths to becoming a great teacher in Asia.

To be a pro in anything, especially teaching in Asia, you require support. Well the best support transcends through usage of online resources. The internet will form a great background of your success in the teaching profession in Asia.

I have your interests at heart.  Therefore, I have gathered a good deal of the most important and reliable Asia teaching websites and blogs covering the great Asia countries. I have narrowed down to the well developed technology countries like South Korea, China and obviously Thailand.

I will request you to fasten your seat belt and let us take off to the briefcase meeting with the greatest gift mankind could give to you. The gift of categorized and refined knowledge. I will highlight a number of these resources to be the Teacher you wanted to be.


1.    Famous in China - Miss Travel adventure.

This blog belongs to Jessica hill who spent 18 years teaching English both in china and Thailand.

Jessica has travelled a lot as in her website she talks of her adventure stories both in Thailand and in china among other destinations

She has a mission of one day teaching writing at a college level back in America. Despite the fact that she is retired, she founded Teach English ESL. She has a lot of experience in teaching in abroad and as a beginner this is the person to look out for because she has taught from preschool all through to college.

In an instance Jessica puts on an emphasis on a short article she describes about visiting her teaching friends. She describes her experiences in an articulate manner bringing out the taste and the cheat sheet of becoming successful as an English teacher in Asia.

Visit out Jessica from the resource given above and enjoy some of the tricks and green pastures to teaching English in Asia.


2.    Flight to South Korea to the famous Curiosity travels.

27 years old Jessica wary was born in San Diego California, studied in South America but she has taught in South Korea but in Spain too. She gives a comparison of what is like to teach in Spain vs. South Korea.

She taught English with EPIK in South Korea for 2 years then moved to Madrid taught English with BEDA but now she leads road trips tours.

Jessica has talked not only her teaching experience but stories on her struggles in South Korea. For beginner this is the place to be and you will get to learn a lot on what it is like to teach in Asia.

Jessicas passion to the world is connecting and sharing her experiences, more to that she gives great resources about teaching in Asia. Specifically, you gather a lot of information from her blog.

Here are a number of resources I find useful to boost your confidence while exposing your skills in Asia.

1.    The Only hidden secrets for teaching English in Asia.

2.    My findings exposed.

3.    The truth about Asia teaching career.


4.    Becky our Asian Travel Pride.

Becky is from Ontario Canada in a small town called kapuskasing, but she has been dwelling in Japan for close to five years now.

She is half Japanese and the love to learn more about her ancestry pushed her to getting a teaching job in Japan after she completed her university studies and defended her thesis.

Becky's blog is so informative she talks of her travel, culture etc. experiences. Despite the fact that she teaches English full time she takes every possible opportunity experience culture and to travel.

You want to land a teaching job in japan? Well visit Becky travel book and learn more.

Becky’s’ blog will give you some of the great tips to land a job in Asia as well as great moral support to understanding cultural orientations in Asia. Without the knowledge of cultural orientations it could be very difficult to cope up with the job seeking arena in that particular continent.



The 25 years old Drew is from Arizona. Drew landed his job teaching English in a public school in rural Korea near Seoul right after finishing his college studies.

In his blog he talks of his experience and what it is like living in rural Korean village.

If you love making new friends and exploring the world you got to tag along Drew. He has travelled in India, Philippines etc.

He has been featured in Huffington post, in us news etc. thus he is the person to look out for too. Make sure you pay his bling a visit and learn more.

Drew will also play the eye opener role to you as you grow your career to teaching English language in Asia.



Richelle Gamlam is a 25 year old Seattle native. After studying in Beijing and Xi'an in her junior year of college she went to china where she has taught English to 1000 high school students. She has taught in china for the last three years.

While still teaching is studied in British university in china and acquired a master degree, this is good thing to hear because it shows you can still do some other constructive things with your live let alone teaching while you are in china.

She now works as a college counselor in Beijing where she helps students with their applications to American Universities.

Not only teaching experience in china does she share in her blog but also her travel experience, people of china and their culture and their hospitality too.

Visit her blog for more and am sure you are going to benefit.

Good luck in your venture.


Becoming a pro and mastering Asia teaching success, you need to use the above listed resources which clearly describe what runs behind the engines of the continent. Asia’s culture is endowed with great resources both in their material language and also upcoming languages. There is a great deal of opportunity lying in Asia for one to demonstrate and give his/her knowledge base. I trust and believe you will find a success in the career teaching English in Asia. Read the contents of the blogs and internalize them. Only by so doing will you have mastered the cheat sheet to teaching English in Asia.

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