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The History of the English Language Rojin Ramezani, Shahin Ahmadi Shad* *.E-mail: Sir_linguist@yahoo.com Abstarct The English language is spoken in most parts of the world ,different people with different nationalities use it in different ways ,it seems to be known by most people ,so it is called "world language" .studies have shown that the use of English spread all over the world by people and various organizations ,especially in recent centuries .for example scientific researchers are written and published in English ,politics and business are often carried out in English

As most of the schools and institutes realize the importance of good elementary school teacher, the interview process is also different from other professional interviews. The teacher is not just scrutinized on the basis of education, but also from different perspectives like handling the cranky and naughty kids, teaching methods, patience level and handling stress...etc.

This paper provides a brief overview of morphology. It starts by defining morphology and outlining its types. Moreover, it briefly discusses how and what types of morphology that pose difficulties to English as a second/foreign language (ESL/EFL) learners as well as how the second language acquisition (SLA) of morphology takes place in English .

Teachers seeking jobs in today’s market need to use every tool at their disposal – the teaching job market is very tough, so you need every advantage. One of the most valuable job search tools a teaching candidate can possess is a strong, visually appealing teaching portfolio. A teacher’s portfolio can contain a variety of different pieces of evidence which work to demonstrate their ability as a teacher. Your teaching portfolio should allow prospective schoo

Teacher job interviews are not the same as your typical job interview. Although they follow the same guidelines, the usual questions that would be admissible during a normal interview are not the same during a teaching job interview. Here are 6 pitfalls to avoid if you want to have the best chances of landing your teaching job.

I wanted to talk about interviewing from both perspectives which are that of the ESL/EFL teacher looking for a new teaching job and that from the ESL/EFL school looking for a new teacher to fill their available teaching position. Keep in mind that this is just my advice and opinion on the matter. You should decide what you find useful and what does or doesn't work for you.