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What has compelled me to write this article, is often the lack of foresight teachers, particularly in primary schools, put into setting up their rooms. As a relief/substitute teacher, I have, for example, found it difficult to get around the room to help students. White boards are often put to one side to allow the main central space for an electronic board. This prevents the easy use of the white board when any problems arise. This article discusses issues that the te

This article gives 38 effective strategies for classroom management. These strategies may not be what you are used to and may require changes on your part. While there is no perfect method for eliminating all challenging behaviors, these are the strategies that I endorse and believe in as being the most effective for creating a positive classroom climate, based on my own experiences and research. If you cannot get a student to follow rules, complete work, or be kind to other students after you have consistently implemented the strategies in this article, talk to your school team (administrator

Just as students function at different levels in reading and math, they also function at different levels, or stages, of discipline. It is possible to set up a consistent system for classroom discipline that will be appropriate for students functioning at all stages and at the same time encourage them to work their way up to higher stages.

No matter what age we are, conflict in life is inevitable. Two toddlers will want to play with the same toy and refuse to share it; elementary students will have conflict with teachers as they try to enforce school rules and encourage appropriate classroom behavior; high school students will disagree with parents over "unfair" curfews, spending habits or cell phone over-use.

Some classroom noise is not only inevitable, but desirable. Silence is, of course, important for some kinds of learning and most lessons should have some periods of silence. Learning often does start with silence while students need to listen carefully with no distractions to stop them listening to the teacher, but sooner or later effective learning is going to involve students discussing, exploring, reasoning, experimenting

5 Classroom Management Tips To Silence A Noisy Class