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I've never been a particularly fearsome teacher in spite of occasional temper tantrums in the classroom. The only results they achieved, though, were that awkward silence and underlying resentment from those who deserved the blast and the fearful, confused disappointment from those who were innocent. The fun part is where you try to continue with the lesson as if nothing had happened. There's nowhere to hide when you're in front of a class full of teenagers.

Many of the classroom management strategies that we discuss have a more general application. Let's take a look at some strategies for students who need to move around during class time. The first thing we need to determine is what need is the behavior attempting to satisfy. Our best guess of the top three possibilities is a good starter. Monitor the student's behavior and his response to your actions and words. That is the best way to discover which of your explanations is correct and decide how to respond.

No matter what age we are, conflict in life is inevitable. Two toddlers will want to play with the same toy and refuse to share it; elementary students will have conflict with teachers as they try to enforce school rules and encourage appropriate classroom behavior; high school students will disagree with parents over "unfair" curfews, spending habits or cell phone over-use.

Teachers often find they have more jobs to do than people to do them. It's common for a good number of people to volunteer at the beginning of the school year, but when projects begin, only a valuable few actually follow through with their commitment. As they say, "many hands make light work,"

Adults should set the terms when dealing with kids' behaviour... Ok, I know that sounds pretty obvious. Adults usually think they are setting the terms on kids' behaviour but the reality is often very different... Let me offer an example of what often happens... This example concerns yet other kid who has been presenting major problems in school and at home for years..

Five main causes of teacher stress and solutions.