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Bulletin boards have long been existent in campuses. They have proven to be such versatile and useful aids in both the learning and teaching processes. Here, find out about some of the ways in which these boards can be made use of.

Most of us have adapted to living a more eco friendly lifestyle, a few years ago we wouldn't have thought anything about the amount of plastic bags we use at the supermarket or throwing our cans out with the rest of the rubbish. Now most supermarkets offer incentives for reusing shopping bags and most council's in the UK provide and collect household recycling boxes.

For many of our students, the classroom is the focal point of their English exposure. It is the base of where, when, why and how they speak English. The physical appearance of the classroom in itself is very important. And because of its importance, I am often amazed at how many English classrooms in Japan lack stimulating visual English materials.

When I first starting teaching ESL in the 60’s, the Israeli Board of Education was using short story books (“This Wide World”, “New Horizons”) as high school ESL textbooks. Each story was followed by comprehension questions, but no language exercises – teachers were expected to write their own!

Classroom decorations come in great varieties – there are different classroom decorations for practically every holiday and season – but the absolute best classroom decorations are the ones that students make themselves.

Good quality primary resources in your classroom can make all the difference between a positive and happy classroom, and a negative and bored one. If you have good primary resources available to you it can also have a positive impact on you, and your enjoyment of your job.