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~~Pictures and photos are a valuable resource for stimulating classroom communication and can be used for more than setting the scene and eliciting vocabulary. Rather they can provide numerous opportunities for learning English while communicating about real-world events. The activities listed below are merely some examples and can be easily modified and adapted for use with different learners, a wide range of target language, communicative goals and learner needs. As with all activities these need clear, imaginative demonstrations to encourage learner participation. Using 2 or 3 pictures as e

The 21st century classroom should be an environment of student-centered spaces. Good-bye desks! Good-bye front of the room where the teacher stands and the students watch. Hello, change! This is not a new concept, in the early 1900's Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, educator and innovator, established her well-known educational method. As a psychiatrist, with an interest in education she approached this method with the awareness that children will learn what the

Project Based Learning:  A Newspaper Project for High School Students The purpose of this project is to provide students with different perspectives of learning English as a Second/Foreign language. Moreover, I believe that High School students will be interested in producing a newspaper since this is not a regular traditional classroom activity. For these reasons, teaching English through projects may motivate them and accelerate their language acquisition. The use of projects in ESL/EFL classrooms is enhanced when students are predisposed to the idea of participating in the project and gett

Multimedia instructional environments are widely recognized to hold great potential for improving the way that people learn (Mayer, 1999, Sweller, 1999; van Merrienboer, 1997).In this article ,we examine the role of multimedia (including computer ,animation ,video ) in English language teaching. According to some studies , using multimedia in the classroom improve learning process, so we are going to prove some statements like: multimedia can promote learning, the reason for using multimedia, how to involve students using multimedia, And when and how can multimedia affect learning.

Assessment is one of the most debated topics in education. Opinions differ as to what should be the purpose of such assessments and it is this where most contention arises.

Proofreading worksheets are a great tool to help individuals open their eyes to the mistakes that are commonly made. These are used to help teach a person how to spot mistakes in copy. They are similar to those you got as a child when you were learning to write and read. Sometimes, they can be simple, while other times they are progressively more difficult.