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Teachers are sometimes tempted into making easy lesson plans because they find it so hard to control a classroom, but by creating more creative and innovative lesson plan students are far more likely to become engaged and be better behaved than if they are bored with the same repetitive teaching techniques. Here are some ideas of how teachers can make their classes more fun and engaging for their students, · Group Work- Dividing the class into individual groups is a great way of promoting team work within the classroom. This is an essential skill for later life when entering onto the career p

Classrooms of the 21st century need to be much more flexible in design and efficiency than the traditional K-12 classrooms of the past or present. Concepts like visualization space, fabrication space and presentation space demand a total reengineering of traditional ideas.

Bulletin boards have long been existent in campuses. They have proven to be such versatile and useful aids in both the learning and teaching processes. Here, find out about some of the ways in which these boards can be made use of.

When summer ends and the teachers head back to their classrooms, they will be looking for new ways to make teaching easier and more organized. New teachers entering the classroom for the first time will also have their eyes peeled for teaching tips. With that in mind, the following seven items make the must-have list for teachers.

Teachers in classrooms around the world know how important it is to keep children's self-esteem high. They do this by rewarding students who show initiative, do well on tests, and sometimes, simply demonstrate kindness. There are many different ways of rewarding these students. In higher grades, it can be more difficult, but often, teachers notice that younger students enjoy simple things.

Proofreading worksheets are a great tool to help individuals open their eyes to the mistakes that are commonly made. These are used to help teach a person how to spot mistakes in copy. They are similar to those you got as a child when you were learning to write and read. Sometimes, they can be simple, while other times they are progressively more difficult.