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Why is the traditional lecture approach to teaching so ineffective for learning? There are many reasons, including that it generally lacks engagement, most people dislike sitting in one spot for long stretches of time, and, oh yeah, it's BORING! Of course, if you've ever sat through a long lecture as a student (and who hasn't?), you already know this. But there are also important biological reasons why lecture methodology doesn't work well. The first issue is an inp

Jobs are increasingly hard to get nowadays, you might have students that have gone through the expected route of getting an education, graduated with a degree and now have to deal with the frustration of not being able to secure their dream job. Several pieces of research from various channels shows that an increasing number of students are not getting job offers upon graduation. So what is the solution if graduates are not able to get jobs upon graduation, the old for

DO ALL TEACHERS HAVE LESSON PLANS? Amongst teachers, the question of whether or not one should always have a detailed lesson plan is up for debate. Some strongly believe that the possession of a detailed written plan hinders the ability of a teacher to be flexible and really respond to their students’ needs as they arise. They say that lesson plans can result in mechanistic and predictable lessons. Moreover, the more experience one gets in teaching, the less need there is for an actual written document. That is not to say that a teacher does not plan what they are going to teach, but th

I put together 10 activities for Earth Day. Things you can do to make a difference not only for our planet, but in your community too! These are things that you can keep up with after as well, not just on Earth Day!

Select an activity that can effectively achieve the desired learning level. To assist the SMEs with the first factor, provide them with some suggestions regarding the range of learning activities that can be effectively used to accomplish specific learning levels.

This article describes the process of using consciousness-raising activities in your classroom, and gives a rationale for their use for all levels, particular in EFL.