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Meeting the needs of all the children in your class seems like a daunting task. Because it is. However, classrooms in the 21st century are demanding this style. In fact, our whole society is demanding it. With the viral spread of technology and social media, the change in our language and ways of communicating is changing the way our education system must look. Don't get me wrong, change is good, technology is good, and yes, social media is good. What's not good about

The great soul Gandhiji once said: "Don't look at the evil, don't speak the evil, and don't listen to the evil." In our books, we see it as pictures of the Three Monkeys of Gandhiji - one covering its eyes with both its hands, symbolizing 'not to look at the evil'; the other covering its mouth with its hands, symbolizing 'not to speak the evil'; and the third one covering its ears with its hands symbolizing 'not to listen to the evil'.

Three successful educational institutions are concerned about their recent gradual decline and the impending termination of government funding. Why were they originally successful; why has their success declined; and what should they do to reverse the downward trend?

If we were to follow Plato, education plays a fundamental role in the construction of a good society. Education helps individual to discover one's self, one's nature and identity that is necessary to be able for one to appropriately participate and do his part properly to maintain harmony in a society. Every individual is born unique.

Our natural state of being, as one with Soul, is a harmonious state of Love, in which the only feelings are of continuous peace and bliss. Therefore if we are feeling any feeling other than peace and bliss, we have got out of balance somewhere. This is due to our conditioned and faulty thinking, which emerges as tolerations, needs and limiting beliefs.

Translation is the act that renders knowledge, whether literary or scientific, a mobile form of culture. Such mobility, in turn, is what gives human understanding a deep and lasting influence beyond the borders of its original setting.