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The World Bank's 1991 'World Development Report' has made a very interesting observation that the scientific and technological progress and enhanced productivity in any nation have a close link with investment in human capital as well as the quality of the economic environment. Scientific and technological capabilities are, however, unevenly distributed in the world and are linked with the education system in a nation. The 21st century has seen quite massive changes in higher education systems both in terms of complexity of the systems and also in terms of its utility for converting education

Beneath the base of a rich and robust curriculum, past the point of prolific and passionate teachers, beyond the bond that binds playing and spirited pupils, learning will only become the experience of all when we learn what we should have learnt thirty years ago. Thirty years! That's how long it's been since Howard Gardner shared his Frames of Mind with us: That one child plays the piano while the other can't even hum a tune doesn't make the latter any less intelligent. We haven't learnt that, have we? Or why in the world do we have a Ministry of Teaching rather than a Ministry of Education?

The percentage of children being bullied in our elementary schools has been a controversial number. One thing that isn't controversial is that it needs to be reduced. By using The S.T.A.R.S. technique, your child or student will easily remember what to do as a bystander that see's someone being bullied, or prevent themselves from becoming a potential target.

If we were to follow Plato, education plays a fundamental role in the construction of a good society. Education helps individual to discover one's self, one's nature and identity that is necessary to be able for one to appropriately participate and do his part properly to maintain harmony in a society. Every individual is born unique.

Quality is continuous improvement. The Plan -> Do -> Check -> Act cycle is a fundamental component of pursuing quality in any organization. It can be useful for a building principal or any educational manager to evaluate his or her style of leadership in comparisons to the actions that best "fit" this cycle.

A manager that is unfamiliar with the Axioms and the Communication Process Model is at a great disadvantage in his organisation. To be successful in communication within the work place, a manager must understand how communication works so as to prevent any misunderstanding.