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Note taking can be distracting at the best of times. Listening to the teacher or lecturer and trying to concentrate and understand what he is saying is difficult enough. Then trying to scribble down copious notes which you then can't decipher afterwards just compounds the problem. If the subject matter is partly visual - maybe some complex formulas on a whiteboard or a scientific experiment which cannot be drawn easily, then the task of writing down and visualizing the

If you are struggling to be interested in a class, you are probably struggling in the class as well. The only way to make something more interesting is to be interested. Creative studying techniques can increase your level of interest - and once you're interested, you're bound to improve your grade - with the bonus of being interested. This article reviews the power of asking questions to increase interest and gives tips to help a student learn to ask more q

Momentum always makes it much easier to get things done. Are you more likely to stick with and complete a task which is humming along smoothly, or one in which you keep hitting snag after snag? If you can help your child schedule and take early action on long term papers and projects, she will start to have good feelings about that project even if there have been past disasters with last minute, stressed out activity to try (and sometimes fail) to get it done on time. In this article you will learn how to help your child or teen have successful experiences with long term school papers or proje

The tried and true method of using flash cards has hung around for a reason. Flash cards work. But for some students, there is an element to using flash cards that makes them even more effective. Let's look at a little twist on how you can use flash cards to help you study more efficiently, learn faster, and hold on to that information longer.

The next two causes of difficulties in mastering the multiplication tables are considered in this article: criteria of mastering and the lack of drill.

An Experienced Math Tutor's Tips for Solving Math Word Problems. As a teacher and math tutor, I have seen many students struggle with solving word problems. Who of us doesn't remember being asked questions about 2 trains leaving different stations at different speeds, and being asked to figure out when they will meet?