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Good exam preparation is about planning and discipline. Applying rigor and good self-discipline to one's efforts will put them in good stead for doing one's best. Here is a guide one can use to prepare and help ensure success on examination day.

Through out my High school and college educations, there was this one thing I observed frequently, which is, most students did not know how to study effectively, thus, how to pass exams was most students' headache. But I strongly believe that with the right study techniques, study skills, study methods as well as the right study guide, every student can easily pass exams.

10 Top Tips For Beating Exam Stress

Three years ago I tried to pay attention to importance of simple mental calculations for success in school math. Now it must be not only attempt, it must be an appeal to all who worried about the future of mathematical education.

How can you tell how effectively you're studying? What I'm about to tell you can really turn your grades around if you can get your head around it. Don't pass it off as something simple and perhaps not worth thinking about because I believe it is one of the easiest ways to improve your grades if you bother to make it a part of how you study.

Many children like chess, why? Simply put, it is a game and it is fun and children can play it without using a computer. Can you image nowadays that parents are telling me that their children spend too much time on computers playing games? Parents do not want to see children continue to use computer at learning centers any more since their children become near-sighted by spending too much time on the computer. This article is not about if the use of computer could potentially harm children’s eyes but to find out how to direct children’s interest to do math.