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When instructional coaches are initially entrusted with the responsibility of supporting the needs of teachers through a teacher-centered, student-centered, or combination of both models, they often feel like a fish out of water. Whether they transition from the role of a classroom teacher to a coach or whether they are hired from outside of the school district, they often find themselves wondering where to start on this adventure we call coaching. Instructional coaches are generally equipped with a specialized knowledge regarding a content area or several content areas, however, their knowled

Qualifications for TEFL jobs, teaching English in Thailand   Teaching English is a popular way to live and work in Thailand, and many are employed here, legally or otherwise, in TEFL jobs. In 2014 the criteria have become more strictly enforced and not everyone qualifies to come and simply teach.   Like most countries, the ministry of education in Thailand maintains specific minimum qualifications to license teachers, Thai or otherwise, before they can step into a classroom. Afterall, they are fussy about who they allow to teach the future generations.   Thais need to have completed a degre

Being a good ESL teacher requires more than simply speaking the language. Teachers must have a sophisticated understanding of how the English language works, then be able to teach in a lively manner and develop coherent, well-structured lesson plans. Although this may seem daunting to new ESL teachers, the rewards of seeing students steadily progress and gain fluency in the language are irreplaceable and make all of the effort worthwhile!

Do you want blend in the background as just one of those mediocre teachers? Or would you rather be known as a great teacher who has touched and changed a lot of lives? Here are some tips on how you can become a more effective teacher.

If you're interested in teaching English as a second language to adults, you'll probably have heard of CELTA as you've been researching, but what is it and is it for you? These FAQs should answer some of the common questions about CELTA.

For someone trying to learn to speak English, a patient and engaging teacher can be invaluable. While online learning and auditory language programs do provide adequate English lessons, a good instructor can help build a student's confidence and make the learning experience more enjoyable.