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Teachers have a professional obligation to be trustworthy with the education and care of their pupils. Often during a teacher's professional career, a student will look at him/her as a role model and since educators will teach their students with both academics and life lessons, the proper use of social media is very important. Teachers who learn to perfect the good use of social platforms will establish constructive and respectful values with the community and their s

This is the second and last article in this series. Here, I will explain what I mean about each goal. Your first task is to examine your skills in relation to these goals and decide which need to be addressed first, i.e. which skills need the most development. If you have a teaching mentor or teaching 'buddy', they may be able to help you prioritise these goals. You must have a written list of goals which are in a place where you see them often.

A teacher plays a very important role in society. It is these individuals who nourish the minds of our children, molding them into responsible knowledgeable adults. Thus, the teaching profession is often referred to as a “calling”. As a teacher with a passion for teaching, your desire might be to impact knowledge to your students in the best way you know how, and a private school might provide you with a very suitable avenue to do so.

In many ways, business seminars have led the way in utilizing educational methods that maximize the opportunity for active involvement on the part of the learner. Workshops and seminars have used group discussion techniques as far back as the 1960's, when the field of group dynamics and teamwork was first starting to have an impact of training and development efforts in western industrialized countries.

Do it how the professionals do it. Leave the guessing. There are simple ways of gaining the attention of any age group, and then keeping them engaged.

For long time and new teachers, how to avoid teacher burnout is perhaps the top thought that they always want to solve. But with pressure, stress and routine activities in school, a majority of our teachers are left tired, uninspired and unenthusiastic even before they start their working day.