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Parsing English sentences is a great way to learn about English grammar, and to master practical skills. Here are some steps to practise parsing. (1) Find the verbs, determine whether they are Active (Action of Verb) or Passive (Received action of Verb). (2) Locate auxiliary (or helping) verbs. (3) Identify tense of verb--(Past, present, or future). (4) Identify subordinate clauses, and their tense. (5) Determine the basic elements of each sentence. (6) Identify subject of sentence--what is the sentence discussing? (7) What type of sentence is it? Is it a statement, question, exclamation, comm

~~What knowledge are you using to read this? One thing you are using is your knowledge of the grapho-phonemic relationships of English, i.e. the links between written letters and the sounds they represent. You’ve also had a lot of practise with English spelling conventions. You’re using your knowledge of English grammar and quickly take in the morphemes of English, the grammatical units of meaning such as the –ed ending we use to make the regular form of past tenses. All these skills took a while to build up. It’s also going to take our learners a long time to build up these same skill

Teaching Techniques and Classroom Management

Have you ever thought of teaching abroad? If you are a native English speaker it could mean an incredible experience alongside earning a decent income with it.

Formal testing is important to both student and teacher and may be administered at either the start of a course; end of a course or at the end of a specific area of work such as at the end of a unit in a course book. There are various types of formal tests which will be discussed as well as what should be tested and the criteria for tests.

For those of us working exclusively with authentic materials or even for those teachers who use them to complement their classes, spiral second language teaching plays a key role in their students’ learning process.