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If a sentence has a singular subject, it is followed by a singular verb and if it has a plural subject, it is followed by a plural verb;that is, the verb agrees with the subject. Compare: • She lives in Thailand. • Most people live in Asian than in any other continent. Some nouns with a singular form can be treated either as singular (with a singular verb) or (with a plural verb): • The council has (or have)postponed a decision on the new road. Other words like t

The grammar is the nuts and bolts of a language. It is the foundational stone to get the grip of a language and master it. So, a sound knowledge and clarity in comprehending English grammar is mandatory for every English language teacher. Just like the nuts and bolts need to be used for the smooth functioning of an engine, similarly sound knowledge of English grammar is a must. An English teacher could inspire confidence in a classroom scenario when she has comprehended the English grammar. She will be able to re-structure and apply it under different tenses without altering the meaning of the

English tenses have proven themselves to be one of the most confusing subjects for an English learner. But they don't have to be. Here is a simple and practical explanation.

When learning the English language, it is important to have an understanding of the grammar. One area that requires understanding is the function of prepositional phrases. Prepositions are words that have just one possible form which introduces the object of the prepositional phrase.

6 tips to help ESL learners learn English grammar.

Nothing pure about it--English I mean. After all, the British Isles were invaded several times, as when, during the 5th century, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes arrived, pushing out Celtic in favor of their Germanic tongue.