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Different educational institutes have different ways of teaching. Some of these are teacher-centric while the others are student-oriented. There is a constant debate on which of these is the best teaching methodology. A quick scan and understanding will help us understand: Teacher-Centric Teaching Methodology As the name suggests, this methodology mainly revolves around the teacher. The attention is completely on the teacher who teaches by giving lectures and demonstrations either using a blackboard or a technological tool. The students are passive in this scenario and are usually the listener

Efficient Teachers are not just aware of the right content to be delivered but also are aware of the strategy to deliver that content. Teaching or Instructional strategies are a teacher's compass when it comes to effective involvement of the students in the process of knowledge absorption and assimilation. This in turn has a direct co-relation to knowledge retention. Teaching strategies range from low involvement of the learner all the way to extremely high levels of learner involvement. Direct Instruction - Lectures, Drill and Practice, Demos are examples. The teacher in these settings is in

"A good teacher is someone who cares about others, and loves to explain things," one teacher writes. "Jr. High teachers have no fear of standing in front of a classroom full of disinterested teenagers, trying to get them interested in the day's topic. Elementary teachers don't mind wiping runny noses."

Achieving optimal results with your blended learning programme depends on it being both effective at teaching your selected audience as well as being cost effective. When web-based learning was first introduced the uptake was enormous but experience has shown that making learning material accessible online

In order to make a language class successful one has to try to match its content with various methods aiming to make studying exciting and engaging. The usage of modern technological equipment ought to be taken in consideration when preparing teaching materials for a language course.

The children you teach are already learning, but would you like to help them even more, especially those who seem to be struggling? It's no secret that some children learn much faster than others and that this soon leads to imbalanced levels among classmates.