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Teachers are often faced with students who struggle when it comes to reading comprehension and fluency. There are a myriad of books on the subject of bringing your students to a higher level of comprehension and fluency, but most classroom teachers do not have a lot of time to read outside of grading papers, parent conferences, professional development requirements, administrative duties, extra-curricular duties, oh and teaching students for hours every day. The following is a list of strategies that teachers can stick on their desk for quick reference on ideas for reading strategies.

For those who read just as a pastime, for their own entertainment, remembering what they read is of little importance. But for someone who is studying for a profession, it is vital to remember what he reads in his textbooks. Passing an examination and entering upon the chosen occupation depend on it.

Time and time again through the years I have encountered kids who struggle to read, who hate reading and perhaps for that very reason are disillusioned with school in general, yet when they find themselves with a part in the show, the script they are given to read and memorize never leaves their side. The opportunity to be in a show sometimes provides the best - often the first - real motivation for a young actors to voluntarily pick up a book and read...thei

What is meant by extensive reading? How does it differ from other forms of reading such as intensive reading? In the following paper the basic features, principles and benefits of extensive reading to language learners, especially those studying English as a foreign language, will be discussed. In addition, some basic tips on implementing an extensive reading program within an small college or school setting will be given. It is hoped this paper, although not exhaustive, or even unique, will provide teachers and administrators interested in extensive reading with some useful and practical i

Reading is a way for someone to connect the words, thoughts and ideas on a page to what the reader already knows. If the reader does not know anything about the subject, then reading over the prose is more challenging and often the reader does not retain as much of the text. These are a few ways to help improve reading.

Most educators today realize that teaching students how to read is not the sole responsibility of the language arts teacher, yet many teachers still struggle to come up with effective ways to actually improve reading comprehension in the classroom.