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Online Spanish Classes! Spanish is the most common second language in the world and the most popular language taught in the United States schools. One reason it seems Spanish is the most popular second language, is over 20 countries claim it as their first language and over 400 million people speak it. More people on earth today speak two or more languages. With numbers like that it seems we all should learn a little bit of this popular language. In high school I spent time in France after completing my required classes in French. Once I returned home I rarely ever spoke it again. I regret tha

Oh no! My child is not reading on grade level! Is it their vocabulary? Vocabulary is essential to comprehending what is read. Is this hurting my child's comprehension? Learning how to read is essential to be successful in school and to achieve anything in life. Whether a child decides to attend a 4-year college, community college, technical college, or go into the military, reading is necessary. So you ask, what is vocabulary, really? It is knowledge of a word that not

When asked the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" my nine year old daughter constantly replies "a famous singer". When I try to bring her gently back to reality by asking "but what if you don't manage to succeed in being a singer, she immediately replies, "then I will be a famous actress instead."

Often children are taught the letters and sounds with a letter of the week approach. Learning is focused on each letter for an entire week, and everything about that letter is taught at the same time including the name, shape and sound. Research shows that this may not be the best approach for two reasons.

In our quest to find online educational games and learning activities for preschool kids, we did a detailed study to see how well they fulfill parental expectations and needs. Our findings show significant gaps, indicating challenges and new opportunities for online educational websites for preschoolers.

A week old baby wakes up in the middle of night, feeling the ache, want ready to eat. A toddler finally figuring out how to place that small piece of the puzzle back into the correct and fit able position. A child understands the process of actions and the consequences that follow the events when they do something they were told not to do. An adult thoughtfully placing a glass vase out of the reach of their jumping toddler. These are all examples of learning pr