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  • Broaden your horizons in Hunan, China

    By: Horizon Recruitment < Show E-mail >

    Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015

    Location: Asia (China)

    We have 6 positions in Hunan to be filled over the next few months.Hurry up and start talking to us TODAY!

    Hunan is a province of China, located to the south of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and south of Lake Dongting (hence the name Hunan, meaning "south of the lake"). Hunan is sometimes called Xiang for short, after the Xiang River which runs through the province. Hunan borders Hubei in the north, Jiangxi to the east, Guangdong to the south, Guangxi to the southwest, Guizhou to the west, and Chongqing to the northwest. The capital is Changsha.

    Visit us at:http://horizoneslchina.comto see all our jobs

    Email us at:jobs@horizoneslchina.com

    Skype us atlynn.horizon

    Here are some of the available positions in Hunan:

    - Location: CHANGSHA - Private Training School - Children (Ref #: HNCS-05)

    - Salary: 7000

    - Workload: max 24 classes

    - Flight: 8000RMB

    - Accommodation: Yes, Fully furnished apartment

    - Start Date: ASAP

    - Apply here:http://horizoneslchina.com/jobDetail/71

    - Location: CHANGSHA - Private Training School - Both (Ref #: HNCS-09)

    - Salary: 9000-11000

    - Workload: 20 classes+office hrs

    - Flight: Round trip tickets

    - Accommodation: N/A

    - Start Date: Jan.2015

    - Apply here:http://horizoneslchina.com/jobDetail/391

    - Location: SHAOYANG - Public University (Ref #: HNSY-01)

    - Salary: 5500

    - Workload: 14-18 classes

    - Flight: 8000

    - Accommodation: Yes, Fully furnished apartment

    - Start Date: Mar.2015

    - Apply here:http://horizoneslchina.com/jobDetail/721

    - Location: CHANGDE - Private Training School - Adults (Ref #: HNCD-01)

    - Salary: 9000

    - Workload: 25hrs p/wk+office hrs

    - Flight: 6000RMB/year

    - Accommodation: 1000RMB housing allowance per month

    - Start Date: ASAP

    - Apply here:http://horizoneslchina.com/jobDetail/674

    - Location: HENGYANG - Public University (Ref #: HNHY-01)

    - Salary: 5000-5300RMB

    - Workload: 12-16 classes

    - Flight: 8000RMB

    - Accommodation: Yes, Fully Furnished

    - Start Date: Mar.2015

    - Apply here:http://horizoneslchina.com/jobDetail/43

    - Location: CHANGSHA - Private Training School - Adults (Ref #: HNCS-07)

    - Salary: 8000

    - Workload: 25 hrs+office hrs

    - Flight: 6000RMB/year

    - Accommodation: Yes, well furnished apartment

    - Start Date: ASAP

    - Apply here:http://horizoneslchina.com/jobDetail/139

    Position Requirements:

    - Native English Speaker from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand

    - University Degree or Higher

    - TESOL(preferred)

    - Energetic Individuals

    - Experience preferred but not required

    Required Documentation:

    - Current Resume, Stating your Nationality of origin

    - Copy of the ID page of your valid passport

    - Copy of your highest degree and other qualifications

    - Current Photo

    - References with contact information

    We value all the candidates we have,provide most professional and efficient ESL custom service , with expertise and 8 years successful placement experience,we believe we are the best and most caring recruitment agency you will have.

    Hear from you soon.

    Recruiting Team

    Horizon Recruitment


    Broaden your horizons in Hunan, China

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