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  • Work for S1 in beautiful Qinhuangdao

    By: S1 English Center < Show E-mail >

    Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2018

    Location: Asia (China)

    Work for S1 in beautiful Qinhuangdao. We offer (12000RMB/month to 18000RMB/month + bonuses) with free non shared clean apartments and Z-Visa.


    -Training upon arrival with easy to follow guidelines on how to effectively navigate trough a class using our books. This is mixed with teacher observations followed by co-teaching classes.

    -12000/month base salary up to 18000 depending on experience.

    -We also offer 2 year contracts with 1000RMB extra/month for the length of the contract.

    -Second year teachers get a student attendance bonus. 2RMB/student/attendance given every month. This is increased by 1RMB every new contract.

    -1000RMB raise per contract renewal.

    -2 extra annual leave days per contract renewal.

    -Demo bonus. Gives 30RMB per sign up due to either a demo class or a student class observation. 10RMB increase per contract renewal.

    -Monthly performance rewards.

    -Free non shared apartments are in a new development and in proximity to the school.

    -8000RMB flight allowance/year

    -Airport pick up and any assistance you need to get settled in.

    -Medical insurance.

    -We offer 10 paid days off. When taking national holidays and paid vacation time in conjunction with weekends that comes down to around 30 days of away-time, so plenty of time to travel.

    -Total of 21 teaching hours/week + office hours for a total of 35 hours.


    -Native speaker from United States, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand.

    -Bachelors degree and or TESOL, CELTA, or TEFL certificate preferred.

    -Experience preferred


    Our school offers multiple environments to use in conjunction with our classes. Our environments feature an airplane, subway, restaurant, train, a downtown area with shop and library. Using these environments to compliment our classes creates a great learning experience for our students and is also an amazing tool for teachers.

    We teach students from 3 years of age up to adults. 
    Our curriculum: 
    -3 to 6 years old we use Pearson’s “My Little Island”. 
    -7 to 12 years old we use Pearson’s “Our Discovery Island”. 
    -Teens we use Pearson’s “In Sync”. 
    -Adults we use Pearson’s “Top Notch”. 
    All series come with easy to use and detailed teacher’s book as well as accompanying interactive digital books for use in class on the IWB.


    The city we’re located in is called Qinhuangdao (秦皇岛). It's a coastal city not very far from Beijing (2 1/2 hours by train). 
    The city is known for great sightseeing places such as Shanhaiguan, ‘First Pass Under Heaven’, Laolongtou, the starting point of the Great Wall and also Baidaihe which attracts large amounts of tourists every year. Baidaihe is situated right by the sea. Summer nights are beautifully lit up, restaurants and a resort with live entertainment, beach fires and beachside restaurants, lounges and bars. The weather is quite comfortable getting not to hot in summer and not to cold in winter. Qinhuangdao also has a very low cost of living, making ideal for saving money.

    If you're interested, please email the following to olivierdelages1@hotmail.com :

    Your date of availability 
    An up-to-date resume 
    A picture of your passport 
    An image of university diploma 
    A recent photo 
    Image of any teaching-related certificates

    Work for S1 in beautiful Qinhuangdao

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